Unlock the full potential of your players with AI-generated training suggestions.

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Benefits For Coaches

Unlock your coaching superpowers

Benefits For Managers

Give your team superpowers to get ahead

Tailored training suggestions

Receive training suggestions designed for your players capabilities, goals, style from your own AI training assistant.

Efficient Training Support

Save hours of your time and effort crafting your training programs. So you can add focus to other important challenges.

Better engage your team

Optimize team skills, performance, and engagement using with aggregated player data and prioritized drills.

AI adapts to your team dynamics

AI training automatically adapts to a variety of parameters, including unexpected no-shows of players or materials.

Increase your revenue

Reduce player churn rate. More player longevity equals more fees collected. Plus offer optional
paid AI powered workouts to your players.

Reduce costs

Contact us to know how other teams are saving money by using Dairus.

Improve player performance

Create customized training plans using the first sports generative AI to improve your team's performance and track players' evolution.

Attract talent

Attract new players attention in your organization by offering AI-optimized training.

Our Mission

We are betting on AI to reduce the gap
to athletes fullest potential

Discover How to Handle All of the Problems and Variables that Affect Training

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Should we train
X or Y now?
What content to train
Sports sciences do not provide sufficient support
Designing custom programs challenging
Rebecca is not
improving enough
Tim should focus on
practicing passing
different goals
But Josh needs
to train attacking
Endurance, strength,
tactics, technique, speed,
flexibility, psychology...
training loads
No effective tool for
managing them
Many children prefer
spending time on the internet
and playing video games
alternative entertainment
Outdated training
methods still used
Every player
is unique
We continue to rely on generic exercises
Players become
bored with
repetitive drills
Getting new ones
that fit takes too much time
Kiara enjoys
circuit training
engagement tendencies
Lisa prefers
playful exercises
This exercise is
too easy for Larry
level fit
and too hard
for John
70% of children
drop out of sports
Ineffective training is the primary reason

What amazing training will you develop with AI?

Dairus uses a new type of generative AI to suggest exercises designed for each specific players' needs.

Step 01
Player evaluations

Assess your players directly on your phone.

You can also utilize player data from traditional performance analysis firms.

Step 02
Set performance goals & objectives

Players, coaches and managers can set performance objectives.

Step 03
AI suggestions

Your AI-based coaching assistant designs tailored and optimized training suggestions. Then you make the final call.

Simply decide which programs and drills to accept, reject, or edit.

Step 1: Player evaluations

Assess your players directly on your phone.

You can also utilize player data from traditional performance analysis firms.

Step 2: Set performance goals & objectives

Players, coaches and managers can set performance objectives.

Step 3: AI suggestions

Your AI-based coaching assistant designs optimized training suggestions. Then you make the final call.

Simply decide which programs and drills to accept, reject, or edit.

Billions of possibilities available, Dairus turns requirements into tailored training suggestions across multiple sports.

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Numerous parameters for your AI assistant to analyze

Dairus's core technology is designed to support coaches beyond their current means.

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Track progress

Monitor the training and progress of your players.

Don't fly solo

Coaches and sports organizations, from amateurs to professionals, all over the world, use Dairus to plan their training sessions faster. Automate away the little things, and focus what matters most: producing great athletes.

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Go beyond science

Unlock your potential and go further by adding AI to Sports Sciences. Dairus is trained with Sports Science and non-human processed data, taking the best of both.

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Give them what they need

Avoid generic exercises that give all players the same training load. Use tailored exercises that maximize each players' efforts while training them together as a team.

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Plan 10x faster

Create amazing training 10x faster
with AI.

Don't lose time searching through generic exercise databases and reading long, boring and poorly written exercise descriptions.

Receive proposals designed specifically for you and interact with our 3D engine.

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Prioritize instead of limit

Don't limit training to 1-3 objectives per workout. Do more while still focusing on the most important ones.

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More AI options to take your team or players training farther.
All the features of Starter, and:
  • Limited custom AI training proposals
  • Add In your own  Training drills
  • 4 sessions / Week
  • 100GB For sessions Recording
  • Chat Support (Up to 24H response)
/ player / mo
You want want AI recommendations that is fully optimized for your team or players.
All the features of Basic, and:
  • Fully optimized AI proposals
  • AI Analysis of your own training drills
  • Real time generation
  • 500GB For sessions Recording
  • Live Chat Support
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Professional team or athlete?


What sports is Dairus used for?


The current version of Dairus can be used for soccer. Soon we will release basketball, football and hockey. Then tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, squash, rugby, baseball and cricket. More sports later.

How does Dairus help young players get engaged?


Dairus is designed to help engage children and youth in sports by providing custom and optimized exercises that are tailored to their interests and motivations. One of the primary reasons why children drop out of sports is that they do not find it fun anymore. According to a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, around 70 percent of kids in the United States stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because “it’s just not fun anymore.”

Nowadays, training has not been developed as the rest of the entertainment offer of society for kids (videogames, social networks, youtube...). This means that children may be more interested in spending time on these activities instead of participating in sports. Additionally, generic exercises are not adapted to what motivates each specific group of children and are repetitive. Dairus helps to address this issue by providing exercises that are tailored to the specific interests and motivations of each child.

The second main reason for children dropping out of sports is their low perceptions of physical competence. When children feel like they are not improving, they can quickly become disengaged and frustrated. This is where Dairus comes in, providing customized and optimized training suggestions for each player, taking into account their level, needs, and preferences. By providing exercises that are tailored to the player's individual goals and skill level, Dairus can help players build confidence and see measurable progress, leading to a more enjoyable and engaging training experience. With Dairus, players can feel more motivated and excited about training, which can ultimately lead to greater participation and long-term involvement in sports.

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